My name is Silvano Stagni. I am a seasoned risk, regulation and change consultant. I have worked in the financial services industry for many years. I speak several languages and hold a PhD. I now leverage the knowledge acquired and my experience in communicating with people at all levels to help:

· Financial institutions meet their regulatory requirements (impact analysis of new regulation, risk appetite statement, ICAAP documents, process and procedure manual),

· Companies acquire information to support investment managers and corporate finance departments (research and due diligence work), and

· Businesses inform customer and peers (white papers, research work, case studies, communication to investors).

Monday, 20 September 2010

Does your company need an evangelist ?

Guy Kawasaki's book 'Selling the dream' put the terms 'secular evangelist' on the map of business roles. A lot of companies need 'an evangelist' behind their products or services, especially those who launch innovative ideas.
An evangelist helps paint a picture around a product or service. It is a far cry from PR and spin, it is content that shows how an innovative idea will work. The difference between sales content and evangelising content is the same difference as between a conversation with somebody who is trying to sell you something and a friend recommending a good book or a good restaurant.
I help companies create evangelising literature, i.e. white papers, case studies, education material, etc. I am pragmatic rather than academic and use examples rather than get into a 'lecturing mode', I am very good at finding ways to explain concepts that relate to an audience. My professional experience in the banking world and in international business makes me very good at targeting business and financial people. My previous track record in interpreting and implementing new regulations proves that I can learn new concepts and mix with new environments very quickly. I have used that skill to learn how to relate to new audiences.